The Ultimate Guide To Asheville and the Western North Carolina Mountains
The Ultimate Guide to Asheville & the Western North Carolina Mountains

The Online Version of the Best-selling Regional Guidebook

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Downtown Neighborhoods

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Asheville Historic Districts
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As a visitor to Asheville, it will be helpful to know that the downtown district is divided into a number of diverse neighborhoods, each with its own unique history and ambience. One of the very best ways to experience these neighborhoods is to walk the  Asheville Urban Trail. This short self-guided walking tour visits all four of the neighborhoods discussed below, with stations and thematic markers along the way. Another way to see the historic districts is to take a tour on one of two replica trolleys. See Asheville Tours for more information.

1. Battery Hill Neighborhood: This neighborhood is crowned by the magnificent Basilica of St. Lawrence, D.M., the former Battery Park Hotel and the historic Grove Arcade. This area contains some of Asheville’s best shopping and dining. Be sure to take a stroll down quaint Wall Street and visit some of its interesting and unusual stores. Farther down on Haywood Street is the Asheville Civic Center and the main library.
2. Lexington Park Neighborhood:
This is Asheville’s antique shop district. If you are at all interested in antiques, a visit to this district is a must. There you will also find trendy boutiques, the oldest store in town, coffeehouses, galleries and nightclubs.
3. Pack Square Neighborhood:
The heart of Asheville is Pack Square, a wonderful space surrounded by stunning architecture, from Art Deco to contemporary. This is a district that overflows with nightlife from the many art galleries, pubs, coffeehouse, theatres and restaurants. Asheville’s Pack Place and YMI Center for African-American Culture are also found here.
4. Thomas Wolfe Plaza Neighborhood: Crowned by the historic home of author Thomas Wolfe, the Thomas Wolfe Plaza area is home to the Asheville Community Theatre, historic churches, craft shops and art galleries.

In addition to the districts already mentioned, there are some others of special interest to visitors. You will want to be sure and visit Biltmore Village, located just outside the entrance to the Biltmore Estate. There you will find unique and enchanting gift shops, art and craft galleries, and specialty stores.

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